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An AMAZING JOURNEY! That’s what comes to mind when you hear the testimony of award winning Christian Country Singer/songwriter, Epp Mevin Walls of Chapel Valley Music/ Mercy Road Records. Epp and wife Kathleen are co-founders of EMW Music Ministries. They live on a beautiful 138 acre horse farm near the small country town of Liberty KY.
  Epp who was raised in the Southern Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina, He knew in his heart from an early age he wanted to be a singer! He was always standing in front of the mirror with an old broom in his hands for a guitar pretending to be at the Grand Ole Opry singing an old Hank Williams Sr. Song. But Epp wasn’t allowed to do much practicing at home with so many chores that needed to be finished first! So the dream of being a Country Music Star was to be put on hold for a few years.
After graduating from high school Epp formed a band with some friends which quickly became very popular in the North Carolina area. Playing an average of 3 to 4 nights a week 3 to 4 hours a night for a period of about eight years! Epp was starting to gain a lot of attention as a lead vocalist. Before long, Epp was approached by a Record Label in Nashville TN. to record with them. Epps first song he wrote and recorded for his new label became very popular in the overseas country market earning him 4 nominations in the Country Music Indie Awards.
But the years of playing night after night in clubs, bars and festivals were starting to take their toll on Epp and his family life. As many artists do he began to drink! Heavy at times, to help cope with his personal problems! At the age of 26 Epp walked away from a very promising Country Music career to attempt to pull himself and his family back together.For years Epp did not even pick up his guitar, he had put music behind him for good! He thought! But his mother Helen Marie Walls had another idea instead! Helen a devout Christian was constantly telling her son about Jesus and how Christ could change his life forever and how he could use his talents as a singer /
songwriter to bless so many people. Gradually his Mothers prayers were beginning to be answered as Epp would stop by to visit and ask questions about this Jesus she had been telling him about. Daily he began to read his Bible. Then he began to pray daily as well! But still had not given himself fully to Christ!But the sudden passing away of his Mother would change his life forever! At the funeral Epp whom had not sang in years was asked to sing Amazing Grace for the service. As he sang something began to change inside!
At the graveside later that day, Epp stood alone recalling those words his Mother had spoken so many times “Use your talents! Sing for the Lord! That day he gave himself to Christ! Helens prayers were answered!
Today Epp Mevin Walls loves to share his story and the Gospel with people all across the country through music and song!


6 #1 Songs
2012 CGM Fan Awards Horizon Male
2012 CGM Fan Awards
Top 5 nominee in the following categories: Male Vocalist
– Song of the Year “God’s Ears Are Always Listening”
– Album Of The Year “God’s Ears Are Always Listening”
– Songwriter Of The Year 2012 Artists Music Guild
Top 10 Nominee Male Vocalist 2013 CGM Fan Awards
Album Of The Year “I’m Just Sayin…” 2013 CGM Fan Awards
Top 5 nominee in the following categories:
Male Vocalist – Song of the Year “Billy Joe Awesome Preacher Man” – Songwriter Of The Year

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